Paying for college the old-fashioned way.

Don’t Choose the Wrong College for Music

I came across a blog that offers some good insights into the world of musical performance, auditioning for college music programs, and other aspects of a career in music.  The two running the blog (Matthew Edwards-Shenandoah Conservatory & Jacqlyn Zito-Edwards-Contemporary Voice Studio™) have years of performance experience, and Prof. Edwards is now on the teaching side of music.  You can check them out at

One cool thing about their blog is the step-by-step process for the person who doesn’t have a clue what to do in the audition process on the HELP page.

Here is one article I found very College in the Black worthy in the site’s Financial Aid section.  Read Financial Aid 201How going to the wrong college can affect your ability to ever own a home.

Pass this on to anyone looking at going to college for music!

One comment on “Don’t Choose the Wrong College for Music

  1. auditioningforcollege
    July 20, 2012

    Thanks for the share!

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